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Eleven unique things at Augustana

Eleven unique things at Augustana

Augustana’s often overlooked advantages

As Augustana students, we always hear about the benefits of being on a small campus and all the opportunities available.

Yet, sometimes we may overlook certain things because we take them for granted – or because we’re too busy being stressed out. In case you’re feeling down about upcoming finals, here’s a list of some of the unique aspects of Augustana:


Augustana is one of the only schools in Canada where you can learn how to speak Norwegian.


The star of Monica’s. Not every university has an amazing person like Terence to greet you every day while you’re getting coffee. The rest of the staff are great too.


SCORE is one of Augustana’s most popular events. Hosted by Chaplaincy and supported by CSL students, SCORE diverts items from the landfill and celebrates DIYs and the recycling of everything from lamps to clothes to kitchenware. It’s like a free shopping spree.

Unlimited chocolate milk

The cafeteria’s claim to fame. Students living in residence have a never ending source of chocolatey goodness.

Faculty Follies

This event features goofy performances from all of your favourite professors. It only happens every two years, so stay tuned for 2019.


Augustana’s very own therapy dog. Visit him in the library Monday to Friday.


Though many liberal arts institutions have changed their academic calendar framework, Augustana’s is special because it allows students to take one class in a three-week semester, and four classes in an eleven-week semester.

Cuba study abroad program

Augustana has a unique partnership with the Universidad de Oriente in Cuba. The Cuba study abroad program sends a group of students to Santiago de Cuba for winter semester, offering full academic credit.

Humans vs. Zombies

The Science Club’s annual Humans vs. Zombies event allows students to have a three-day nerf battle until a sole human survivor remains and wins the challenge.

Professors know your name

Some people say that the best and worst thing about Augustana is that the professor’s know your name.

Augustana advantage

We’re a small campus with the benefits of a University of Alberta degree. You can really only have the “Augustana advantage” at Augustana.

There are countless other things that make Augustana unique, let us know what we missed by emailing


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