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Meet Augustana’s new professors

Meet Augustana’s new professors

This fall, there are six new faces joining the Augustana community. The Medium sat down with each of Augustana’s new professors to learn about their background, research, and interests.


Francois Bastien – Assistant Professor Management

Francois Bastien grew up in Ottawa and Montreal. He has roots at Wendake, a Huron community, where he lived for a brief time and then returned to hunt and fish on the territory.

Bastien studied international business and political science at Concordia university, he continued with a master’s degree in science administration from the John Molson School of Business.

“There was a good opportunity here at Augustana, a better fit for me and my career,” said Bastien. Bastien is interested in organizational identity and how it evolves as society changes. “My recent research has looked at how anti-smoking laws in Quebec affected food and service establishments, bars, cafes, all the way to strip joints,” said Bastien. “Furthermore, how it affects First Nations people.”

Bastien also enjoys soccer and has coached varsity for many years.


Mi-Young Kim – Assistant Professor Computing Science

Born and raised in South Korea, Mi-Young Kim finished her B.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). She has recently been working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alberta.

“When I got to know Augustana, my first feeling was home. The Augustana environment was so familiar to me,” said Kim. “I thought I could help students at Augustana from my experiences at POSTECH.”

Kim enjoys spending time with her family and playing piano. Her research interests include Artificial Intelligence, human language processing, and machine learning. “If you overcome the unfamiliar challenge with machine language, then you will see a lot of great things in computer science,” said Kim.



Stephanie Oliver – Assistant Professor English

From Newfoundland, Stephanie Oliver completed her B.A. at St. Francis Xavier University and her master’s and Ph.D. at the University of Western Ontario. She said that Augustana reminds her of her undergraduate experience.

“The small setting creates a strong sense of community and people are very involved which I appreciate,” said Oliver. “With the new calendar, I think that it’s really great that Augustana will research best pedagogical practices and that it’s so small they can be implemented.”

Oliver said she has researched how smell is something that connects diasporic writers to as sense of place, but also how it marks bodies as racialized or sexualized.  She has also taken an interest in the “social and cultural study of oil and its implications in society.”


Erin Sutherland – Assistant Professor Cultural Studies


From Northern Alberta, Erin Sutherland has two undergraduate degrees in psychology and native studies from the University of Alberta. She completed her master’s degree in cultural studies at Queen’s University and she will soon finish her Ph.D.

Sutherland said she is very impressed with the close-knit community aspect of Augustana. “I visited last year, and I met so many people who were interested in what I was doing.”

Sutherland has a number of hobbies, but her favourite is skating roller derby. Her research is largely based on Indigenous art and curatorial methodologies. “I’m a core and founding member of the Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective (,” said Sutherland. “We are dedicating to supporting contemporary Indigenous art.”

Sutherland said that she is excited to be at Augustana. “I’m looking forward to meeting more people. My door is always open.”


Diego Coraiola – Assistant Professor Management

Born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, Diego Coraiola has a master’s and a Ph.D. in business administration. He also lived in Victoria, BC, for a year and a half, working on a post doctorate.

Coraiola said that he is very excited to be teaching at Augustana. “I really like that it’s small and a place where you can be involved in the community.”

Coraiola has researched how history and memory relate to management. “It makes a lot of sense once you start talking to historians,” said Coraiola. “I’m starting a project on the world heritage sites and analyzing how they are managed – and how they can be better managed for future generations.”

Coraiola said that he hopes to develop long-term relationships with his students. “What I expect from my students is passion.”

Ian Wilson – Assistant Professor Religious Studies – Director of Chester Ronning Centre

Ian Wilson grew up in South Carolina, and has been in Alberta for eight years. Formerly a sessional lecturer, Wilson has now taken on new roles as both a professor and the director of the Chester Ronning Centre. Wilson said that the Ronning Centre focuses on facilitating research and educational programming that relates to religion and public life.

Wilson is excited that his new role allows him to take part in administrative work as well as continue teaching. Wilson said that he is looking forward to starting a postdoctoral program. “Hopefully, we’ll have a young scholar come and organize an international conference based on an issue related to religion and public life,” said Wilson.

“Don’t be afraid to take a course in religion studies and be open to changing your mind about your degree. I did my undergraduate in engineering and it didn’t end up being my thing,” said Wilson. “Life throws unexpected things at you.”  


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