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New indoor pedway to span Ravine land bridge

New indoor pedway to span Ravine land bridge

Construction of new indoor walkway set to begin August 2017

The land bridge linking the Ravine Complex to campus is set to be the site of Augustana’s next construction project.

“This is one more step students can expect to see towards making Augustana great again,” said Dean Allen Berger. “We’re continuously stepping into the future, believe me.”

The 60 meter walkway will be similar in form and function to the Alver and Arlene Person Pedway, and has been given the greenlight after the resounding success of the pedway.

“It’s going to be yuge, tremendous,” said Berger. “Everyone’s going to love it.”Administration had originally tabled this development for a later date when the immediate priority was still the new Science Building. However, an anonymous alumni donor agreed to cover nearly half the cost of the 4.2 million dollar project with the condition that this walkway take precedence given that it is “going be a very, very good thing for everyone involved” and set Augustana on a path of “winning at construction projects again.”

“We can’t afford to not build it,” said Berger. “Trust me, I know this is going to be really, a very good thing.”

During this period of construction, the ravine will be connected to campus by a walkway established along the Ravine Residence Road. Administration is confident this won’t make the road any more narrow or dangerous, or add much time to students’ walk to classes or the cafeteria.

At nearly six times the length of the recently completed pedway, the walkway is estimated to reach completion by Christmas 2019.

“Everyone knows how much I love Christmas,” said Berger. “And seeing how I didn’t get my wish last time, I’m going to make sure this works out in time.”

In order to save time and money on the early stages of the project, it was decided to use the same design and builders as the pedway.

“The designer, a great man, a very close friend of mine, is a world class architect,” said Berger. “He assures me this project will go really, really, well. It’s going to be amazing. Believe me.”

Berger assured students that while there will be some minor inconvenience for the time being this project will “make Augustana great, I guarantee it.”

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