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Introducing the Daglium

Introducing the Daglium

Dagligtale and Medium editors announce new combined publication

The Augustana Medium and Dagligtale are set to merge and create a collaborative, interdisciplinary team committed to creating meaningful dialogue. The new publication will serve the tight knit community of thinkers, researchers, and communicators at Augustana

After much planning and behind the scenes work, the editors of the Dagligtale and the Augustana Medium have officially announced the forming of The Daglium, which will be a merger of both publications to bring Augustana students one pervasive news source.

“We just don’t want anyone to have hurt feelings,” said Dagligtale Co-Editor Autumn McDonald. “This joining of two publications is the best way for us to stand for equality and unity within the Augustana community.”

It was decided that all editors will keep their current positions and the staff will merge together. In an effort to truly embody the Augustana ethos of working together and collaboration, all assignments will be assigned through groups.

“A publication needs to function as a united entity,” explained Dagligtale Co-Editor Sammy Lowe. “There is no room for competition and we want our writers and photographers to understand what it truly means to be a part of a team.”

Editors from both papers felt that having two separate publications was an Augustana disadvantage and took away from the community mindedness that is encouraged and fostered on campus.

“We just really wanted to do our part in bringing together students in an environment where they can grow and learn together,” said Medium Editor-in-Chief Cameron Raynor. “We want students to use their communicator, leader and thinker skills within a united publication to get them ready for the real world once they graduate.”

The new staffing arrangement will also feature the addition of a team manager in order to fulfill this new vision. The position will include moderating any disputes that probably won’t happen, ensuring that all team members are contributing to the assigned projects, and meeting with the entire staff regularly to educate on conflict resolution and how to be a consistent team player.

“We’re excited to have someone dedicated to helping the staff bond and make the newsroom one big safe space,” said incoming Dagligtale Co-Editor Amielle Christopherson. “When they come in, they will be making sure that any problems that arise are handled calmly and all group members are given an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings.”

Augustana Students Association (ASA) members were caught off guard by the news, despite at least two emails sent to them to layout the plan. Apparently members believed the news was an April Fool’s joke and weren’t convinced the two papers would find mutual ground. Despite the initial surprise, they were soon on board with the changes.

Recently re-elected ASA President Ben Curry commented that he’s “proud to see such leadership among our students,” and that others would do well to follow the level of commitment to cooperation and teamwork.

“This level of understanding and cooperation is something we should all strive for and is a true embodiment of the Augustana Advantage,” said Curry.

VP Academic Hope McDonald also commented on the merger, saying, “As ASA members and students, we’re all excited to get our information from the same place.”

While the news may catch students and staff at large off guard, the Dagligtale and Medium staff members have been working together for quite some time, having previously installed wiretaps in Dean Allen Berger’s office earlier in the year to monitor conversations.

Best of all, students can expect their on campus media to be a role model for all to strive towards as students and community members here at Augustana.

Although the merger is being announced now, the papers won’t officially become one publication until the 2018-19 academic year in order to ensure the project is fully operational and ready to go before implementation. This delay was inspired by the exemplary implementation of the 3-11 schedule.

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