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India Trip Moves to January for 3-11

India Trip Moves to January for 3-11

The India trip is scheduled to be offered during the January 2018 3-11 three week block

The new 3-11 schedule means that the India trip will take place during the first three weeks in the winter semester next January and applications for the 2018 Augustana India Trip are now available online.

“The first trip was in 2002 and it is offered every other year,” said Varghese Manaloor, an economics professor who oversees the course. The trip will be around 21-25 days with a maximum of 15 students on the trip.

Students who wish to go on the India trip must take a required course before embarking on the actual trip. “Given the diversity and challenges in India, we have a prep course in the Fall of 2017,” said Manaloor. “The prep course is essential in my perspective, it allows students to learn and prepare for India.”

Previously, the prep course was offered in the winter semester and the trip took place in July and August. This will be the first year that the trip will not take place in the month of July.

Third-year environmental science student Helaynea Moore attended the 2016 India trip and would recommend it to interested students. “It was a really good growth experience, I learned a lot about the culture and myself as well” said Moore. “It was really inclusive so it didn’t really matter what your program was.”

“I’m excited about the January term because it fits well. In the past, we have had students raise concerns that they won’t be able to work the full summer. The weather in India is really hot in July, so January will be the perfect time,” said Manaloor.

The main drawback that 3-11 will impose is the course may lose the potential for North campus students to participate in the trip. “I have had one or two students from North campus go in the past,” said Manaloor.

“It would be a new pace now because of the month we are going,” said Manaloor. “My expectation is that it would be much easier in the sense of weather and it is going to help students focus on their summer jobs more.”

Manaloor said a highlight of the trip is that students get to experience a different culture. “It is a very different place than what we are used to here, so experiencing that and trying to understand your own culture in the context of some other culture provides a lot of different insights and that is one important aspect of the course itself.”

For more information, there will be an information session on Thursday, April 6 in F1-305 7 – 8 p.m.

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