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Drones set to expand campus news coverage

Drones set to expand campus news coverage

An expanded focus on photography and video is in the works for new student publication

A new fleet of camera equipped drones will patrol campus streaming live feed to the Daglium starting September 2018. This will allow for a near instantaneous response to breaking news.

“We’ve got big plans now that we have more staff and resources,” said Lane Anderson, Media Editor for the Daglium, “We can pretty much monitor everything that happens on campus as it happens.”

“I think the new approach to news coverage, video especially, is something we’ve always dreamed of,” said Emil Yim, a current media editor at the Medium. “We’re definitely raising the bar in terms of what we can do.”

What began as an experiment under Yim and Anderson at the Medium is set to be fully realized under the Daglium. “We played around with drones and were really excited with the possibilities but we just didn’t have the capacity to get that project off the ground,” said Yim.

“I can’t wait to get things rolling with the Daglium,” said Anderson, “This is going to be next level, that’s for sure.”

Students may be surprised initially to see the drones around campus nearly 24/7, but Daglium staff are confident that they are perfectly safe.

“We’re not messing around here, we’ve done all the prep work to make sure things go off without a hitch,” said Anderson. “Before long no one will even notice these things.”

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