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Pedway officially opens, construction continues

Pedway officially opens, construction continues

Students, faculty and staff came out for the official opening of the Alver and Arlene Person Pedway on March 23

Students, faculty and staff crowded into the staff common area above the library for the unveiling of the Alver and Arlene Person Pedway connecting the second floor of the Forum with Founders’ Hall.

While the pedway is now open for use, several students told the Medium they are most looking forward to being able to walk under the pedway, which was still not possible at the time as construction continues on the exterior of the structure.

There was no official word at the event as to when the construction would be complete, although a construction worker told our reporter that they expect it to be done soon.

During the event, a sign was unveiled commemorating Alver and Arlene Person, alumni and longtime supporters of Augustana. The donations that supported the pedway were given by their descendants John and Carmen Person and Steven and Kathy Haugen in Alver and Arlene’s honour.

Following the Pedway’s official opening, Dean Allen Berger and Executive Director of Student Life Randel Nickel announced plans to transform the second-floor library area currently occupied by professor and sessional offices into a student learning commons.

The student commons area will provide quicker access to student services such as counselling as well as new student spaces designed to provide an ideal setting for collaborative work. More coverage of the student commons announcement is forthcoming.

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