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What’s your ideal date?

What is your ideal Valentines Day date?

Shelby Laughlin

Beyonce concert, Donald Trump protest rally, or a booster juice run

Elfleda Utiaruk

An entire day of shopping where he gets you anything you want and then dinner after.

Zoraa Lutas

We would both be in Onesies and would cuddle on a couch with wine, pizza, and a pillow while watching a movie.

Kelsey Tollefson

A fun adventure like rock climbing and then a nice dinner because that way you can really get to know the other person.

Jayde Barr

My ideal date would consist of my date getting all my favorite foods and then eating them.

Alex Rumak

Anything outdoors like hiking, skiing, or hot tubbing. Of course I would pay.

Taneta Wildeman

I’d like my date to be semi-casually dressed and do something active like snow boarding with me. Some hot chocolate afterwards then a dinner, take me home and then I’m good.

Nnenna Achebe

I would like to go on a ski trip and then spend time alone with them afterwards in the chalet.

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