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Word on the Street: What would you do with $30369.25?

What would you do with $30369.25?*

Kayla Rick

I would pay off my student loans and use it for future education. I would put the rest in a high-interest savings account, pay for my brother and sister’s education, buy a house, start my career and save some money for retirement.

Mateya Bluett

Honestly, it would probably go towards school.

Natalia McGill

I would buy twelve-thousand-one-hundred-forty-seven-point-six packages of cookies.

Ken Winder

First, I would pay off my credit card, then I’d set aside five-thousand for long-term investment, two-thousand savings and 10-thousand in an RRSP; and then go to Ireland to backpack with the rest.

Astra Vaughan Forrester

I would buy all the instruments because learning is fun. I would also pay for school and not be 15-thousand in debt.

Kai Johnsen

I would first buy five five-cent candies to make the number better. Then I would pay off some student loans and travel Europe. Also, I would get lots of Steam games.

Allison Ikenouye

I would use the money for my wedding and use the rest to pay off student loans.

Sara Jobson

Buy a boat and float around the Arctic looking at polar bears.

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