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More opportunities for Augustana students coming at Miquelon Lake Research Station

More opportunities for Augustana students coming at Miquelon Lake Research Station

Research station in Miquelon Lake Provincial Park opens new opportunities for Augustana

More opportunities for students, professors, graduate students and community groups are in the works at Augustana’s research station at Miquelon Lake.

20 minutes north of Camrose, the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS) provides a “great opportunity for teaching and research involving undergraduate students,” according to Environmental Science and Geography professor Glen Hvenegaard.

“Many Environmental courses will make use of it for field trips and research opportunities. Directed studies courses are already making use of it,” said Hvenegaard. “Summer research projects, profs on sabbatical, graduate students, and community groups (NGO’s, counties, etc.) could make use of it as well.”

Hvenegaard said the Environmental Field Studies Course, which took place in August 2015, was the first time using the research station in an intense way.

Possibilities to use the station include undergraduate teaching, professor-led research, directed studies projects, field trips, residential courses, and community meetings.

“Many science courses could benefit from the research station,” said Hvenegaard. “The wildlife diversity course, new soil science course, freshwater ecology, and there is even the possibility of an astronomy course as the Beaver Hills area is a dark-sky preserve.”

“We would also love to see the station used for field-based opportunities by diverse groups at Augustana, including athletics training, art or writing retreats, and studies on the sociology or economics of parks,” said Hvenegaard.

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