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Living and Learning Community coming to Augustana

Living and Learning Community coming to Augustana

Students will be able to apply to new campus living option in Winter 2017

A new type of residence experience is coming to Augustana. The “Living and Learning Community,” will house a small group of five to seven students and will be located on the land bank east of the soccer field.

The Living and Learning Community is a pilot program with an intended length of about two to three years. If the program is deemed a success by the administration, it could influence future campus residence projects.

Executive Director of Student Life Randal Nickel said that the idea for the project is “to have the houses sitting on the land bank be a living and learning community for 5-7 students.”

A central feature of the Living and Learning Community that is not currently present in current campus residences, is the opportunity for the student group living in the residence to commit to the undertaking of a learning project while living in the residence.

The project will be designed by the students and could be a variety of things as explained by Dean Allen Berger. “It could be a place where everyone pledges to only speak a second language during the course of the year…or it might be a place where students would propose to undertake an experiment in sustainable living for a year.”

The learning component of the new residence is tied with the Augustana philosophy of education. “Students come here to become members of the community, an academic community where they are learning together,” said Berger. “Learning from one another as much as they are learning from faculty members.”

Students input will be key for the Living and Learning Community’s success, as the project is student driven. Students will be able to “help develop what the housing rules are going to be and decide what learning project will be undertaken,” said Nickel.

Further details regarding application deadlines, group selection criteria, and the application of food contracts have not been finalized. The property where the Living and Learning Community will be located is undergoing renovations which are expected to be completed in the Winter term of 2017.

The current plan is for the Living and Learning Community to be operational in the 2017- 2018 academic year, with tours of the residence and applications being conducted sometime in the latter part of the Winter term of 2017.

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