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Procrastination pastimes

Word on the street: What is your favourite procrastination pastime?

Tom Merklinger

“The internet, reading think pieces, listening to 20th century art music and reading about it.”

Geordie Nelson

I like looking up articles through Facebook, reading Wiki articles, and cleaning my kitchen or anything really.

Carrie-Ann Hubbard

I am currently watching the American news segments which pertain to Donald Trump. Usually, I enjoy watching cat videos on YouTube.

Lindsay Ault

Coming to the climbing wall, hanging out with friends, and climbing. Also, I like watching Grey’s Anatomy.

James Luke

Reading or watching anything with positive gay role models.

Jayda Calon

I like washing my friend’s dishes, doing laundry, and going to Campus Rec nights, but doing absolutely anything else.

Vanessa Wong


Aline Schoepp

Hanging out with people and putting my time into other people. Basically anything other than what I need to do.

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