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What is your Augustana Advantage?

Ally Brigley

“Definitely the small class and the ability for one on one teaching in the music program with my vocal coach.”

Amielle Christopherson

“That I can work full time while going to school. I also like how the professors are willing to accommodate my schedule.”

Benjamin Curry

“The ability to become who I want to be with no external and extra costs.”

Cameron Hutchinson

“I think with a hands on approach we could have an experiential learning experience.”

Tayla Koerber

“Let me show you why they call me the Augustana advantage.”

Hayden LaBoucane

“All professors know me by my first name and I also like how I know most of my professors more than on an in class basis.”

James Luke

“I am.”

Reana Szabo-Mansfield

“I enjoy the community feel and the small class sizes.”

Peace Takode

“I like the small class and knowing your professors. Thats a good thing and a bad thing because all my teachers know me so if I don’t show up to class they know right away. I also like Augustana because it is still considered the University of Alberta.”

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