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First Paints and Pints event a hit

First Paints and Pints event a hit

Local painting series invites attendees to recreate a work of art while enjoying a few drinks

The soft hush of brush strokes accompanied the clink of wine glasses amidst the glowing ambiance of the paint-splattered room as local artist Mindy Marshall held her first Paints & Pints workshop on Saturday, Sept.17.

Hosted at the Ruffington House, Paints & Pints is a series of paint nights where Marshall walks attendees step-by-step through recreating one of her own original paintings, while enjoying a few drinks at the same time. The painting of the night was a beautiful acrylic portrayal of a dragonfly.

The event was a huge hit with the attendees. Augustana student Reid Dibben, a first-year visual arts major, attended the night. “It’s honestly a really amazing environment,” she said. “The steps are really easy to follow and it’s just been great.” About a dozen people were present, as the experience was designed to be a close-knit session with easy access to Marshall.

And don’t think that just because you’re recreating someone else’s painting that it won’t be a unique work. Walking around the room, every painting was a piece unique to the person painting it.

“All of the paintings are so different, I think that’s so cool,” attendee Laura-Joy Lindstrand said. “Every person’s interpretation is different and that definitely shows.”

The night wasn’t just geared towards experienced artists. Many of the participants had next to no experience when it came to painting, and each one left with an amazing rendition of their own, thanks to the expert guidance given by Marshall.

Marshall has been painting for her whole life, though it was just a hobby until around three years ago. She comes from a family of artists, and is largely self-taught. “My parents were always creating something, so I just kind of learned through osmosis,” she joked.

Marshall’s bubbly and flamboyant personality made the night fun for everyone. At one point an entire glass of wine was spilled onto one of the paintings, but she wasn’t fazed. “Oh good! That’ll just make it even better!” she exclaimed. “The accidents are the best parts about the paintings.”

Marshall placed a lot of emphasis on individual expression. Throughout the night all of the participants were getting creative and having a great time, with Marshall enthusiastically bustling around all the while.

The sign-up fee for these paint nights is $60.00. With that attendees get a canvas, brushes, the paint and two pints of alcohol. The choices included Sir William’s Perry Berry beer, Albertan Alley Cat beer and various wines, though the choices will change each month.

Marshall will be hosting a number of other events in the near future. She held an art show on Friday, Sept. 23, entitled ‘Transition’. It showed the bulk of her works, with an emphasis on the transition from state to state, whether it be the shift from spring to fall, or a reflection of a mental change.

The second Paints & Pints night will be held on Friday, Oct. 14. The feature painting of the night will be fall themed, depicting a spotted owl amidst a landscape of autumnal foliage.

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