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Augustana’s clubs and how to join them

Augustana’s clubs and how to join them

The Augustana Forum was filled with displays advertising the various clubs on campus Sept. 12. The Club Fair offered students the chance to meet club representatives and sign up for clubs they’re interested in. Most clubs accept new members throughout the year and are easy to approach and join.

Here’s a look at the clubs that were at this fall’s Club Fair:


AQUA’s first upcoming event is the All Ages Dance Party. The dance party is at 8 p.m. on Sept. 30, and will be held at Elk’s Hall (4702 – 50 ave). The event will feature amateur drag performances, a night of dancing and cheap drinks.

“We’re also hoping to plan something for the Transgender Day of Remembrance,” said Ehren Loos, a second-year visual arts student and treasurer of AQUA.

Students can learn more by heading to the club’s Facebook page.

Earthwise Club

The Earthwise Club is looking forward to a year of activities and outreach based on the theme of sustainable food and living, according to fourth-year environmental science student and Club Secretary Courtney Nicholson and third-year biology student and Club Treasurer Michelle Guspie.

Students interested in getting involved are encouraged to check out the club’s Facebook page or email

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club aims to educate members in overall fitness knowledge while helping them obtain the tools they need to reach their goals in a positive learning environment, according to Devon Yu, fourth-year business student and president of the fitness club.

“We’re planning on hosting monthly information events with general themes. The first one will be about the freshman fifteen and how to keep weight off in your first year,” said Devin Proulx, fourth-year business student and vice-president of the fitness club.

Students can learn more by heading to the club’s Facebook page.

Fun and Games Club

The Fun and Games Club is a new club on campus. They’re planning many activities over the course of the year such as a Disney movie marathon and parachute games, according to third-year drama student and Club President Liam Dyer.

“The idea is to do activities from childhood that we don’t get to do anymore,” said Dyer. “It’s about having fun.”

Students can find out more and get involved through the club’s Facebook page.

German Club

The German Club hosts a German movie night once a month with English subtitles. German lunch is every Friday at 12:30 p.m. in the Forum and the club hosts a Christmas party in November, said Landon Redelback, a fourth-year political science and German linguistics major.

“We also do stuff with the North Campus club sometimes like go out for German food and such,” said Redelback. “And even if students don’t speak German they are more then welcome to come out.”

More information is available on the club’s Facebook page.

Human Rights Club

The Human Rights Club focuses on advocating for those who are not in favourable conditions and are experiencing adversity. According to Zainab Alisha Lilak, a first-year political studies and economics student who is a member of the club, they are hoping to have a photography exhibition at some point during winter semester to help fundraise for a cause.

Farshad Labbaf, president of the club and third-year psychology student, said that they are hoping to empower students to be more aware and know they can make a change.

Students can learn more by heading to the club’s Facebook page.

International Culture Club

The International Culture Club aims to have students learn more about international cultures in a welcoming community, according to Nnenna Achebe, a second-year chemistry student and secretary of the club. “We’re looking forward to International Week in January,” said Achebe.

Students can learn more by contacting Dami Lawal at

Management Society

According to their Facebook page, “the U of A Management Society (UAMS) exists with the purpose of providing and informing students of networking sessions and social events on Augustana Campus.”

Students can contact the Management Society by email at or through the club’s Facebook page.

Mindfulness Club

The Mindfulness Club is a growing club that hosts weekly meditation sessions and teaches students about meditation. In the past, the club has hosted other events such as necklace making.

The club meets every Wednesday from 12:30 – 1 p.m. to meditate. Students who wish to join can contact any of the club executives or University Councillor Carmen Person.

Nordic Club

The Nordic Club aims to help students learn more about Scandinavian culture, said Lauren Grosky, third-year political studies student and president of the club. “In the past we’ve done caroling around Christmas time, Norwegian movie nights and also traditional folk dancing,” said Grosky.

Students can learn more by heading to the club’s Facebook page.

Outdoors Club

The next big event the Outdoors Club has planned is a canoe race at West Edmonton Mall sometime in November, according to Club President Sam Kohlmann. The club is also planning some weekend hikes.

Students can find out more by joining the club’s Facebook page.

Paintball Club

The Paintball Club is planning a game for Oct. 1 that all students are welcome to attend, said Club President Landon Redelback. The club is planning to host at least one to two games each month before snow hits.

“We are in talks about having a nerf event at some point as well,” said Redelback. “With enough interest we would like to run a team-based tournament.”

The club is always welcoming new members and anyone interested can contact Landon Redelback or Ayla Kragnes. The club is also on Facebook as Augustana Valhalla Vikings Paintball.

Science Club

The biggest event that the science club has planned is Humans Versus Zombies taking place Oct. 26 – 28. Samantha Krechuniak, fourth-year biology student and vice-president of communications of the science club, said that, “It’s three days of really crazy fun.”

Krechuniak also said that the science club will offer free peer tutoring in science.

Students can learn more by heading to the club’s Facebook page.

Soccer Club

The Soccer Club aims to get students involved in playing drop-in soccer. “We also have the end-of-year staff-versus-student game, which is a fundraiser for the food bank,” said Shannon Kavanagh, second-year psychology student and president of the soccer club.

Starting in October, drop-in soccer will take place on Tuesdays from 9:30 – 10:30 p.m. There is a $5 drop-in fee or students can pay $30 for the semester.

Students can learn more by contacting Shannon Kavanagh at

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club has several events planned for the year including chances to meet and socialize with sociology profs, alumni and other students, according to Seanna Rose, a fourth-year sociology student. The club also collaborates with other clubs to plan other events throughout the year.

The club meets each Tuesday in the Forum from 6 – 7 p.m. and students interested in getting involved can drop by, reach out to the executives or find the club on Facebook.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club offers students the opportunity to meet other psychology students and learn about the opportunities that await them as future psychology graduates, said fourth-year psychology student and Club President Chelsea Inaba. The club is planning to host a grad school info night, a “what can I do with my psych degree” information session, movie nights and meet-the-profs events.

Students who want to get involved can reach them through the club’s Facebook page.

Wildlife ClubThe Wildlife Club provides students with the chance to interact with and learn about wildlife, said Chelsea Toft, the club’s president and a third-year biology student. This year the club is planning an owl banding trip and a bake sale to adopt a polar bear family.Students can get involved by emailing or finding them on Facebook.

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