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100 things to do at Augustana

100 things to do at Augustana

There’s no shortage of things to do in and around Augustana. Here are a few to get you started.

Camrose is small and Augustana is even smaller, however, there’s plenty to do in town and around campus. Whether you are a new student or a returning student, here is a list of 100 things to do this year at Augustana.

  1. Take a moment of silence in memory of the Camrose ski jump. You’ll never get the chance to climb it again.
  2. Attend the Augustana Students’ Association’s (ASA) First Class Bash on Sept. 28. This year’s theme is Galaxies, so be a star!
  3. Take a selfie with the “Young Luther” statue in the quad.
  4. Download the Chitter app and post anonymously as an Augustana student. Or don’t, and avoid the needless drama.
  5. Learn about Augustana’s clubs at the Club Fair on Sept. 26—bonus points if you join one.
  6. Use Snapchat to faceswap with a random portrait in the hallway next to the Dean’s Suite.
  7. Go to OC’s on a Friday.
  8. Go to the Tap Room on a Saturday.
  9. Make use of the new picnic tables with solar powered plugs in the quad.
  10. Go to Stockmen’s Chophouse and treat yourself to a steak dinner. Make sure you tip.
  11. Attend a Rose City Roots concert at the historic Bailey Theatre. You can find a list of upcoming events at
  12. Figure out how to effectively find a book or article in the library. Ask the librarians, no need to be shy.
  13. Make use of the newly renovated Wahkohtowin Lodge in the basement of the Forum, which opened March 2016.
  14. Check out a pillow from the library and take a nap on campus. Now if only Augustana had nap-pods…
  15. Enjoy relaxing by the fireplaces in the Forum. This is best done in the winter.
  16. Buy or sell textbooks on the Augustana Used Books Facebook Page.
  17. Visit the Farmer’s Market at the Duggan Mall and buy some homemade baking. Or thick cut bacon.
  18. See a movie at the Duggan Mall Theatre. Hint: It’s cheaper on Tuesdays.
  19. Read the Augustana Medium while enjoying a hot beverage from the Augustana Cafe. We recommend a tea latte or cappuccino.
  20. Eat at the cafeteria on cold-cuts day. Be sure to get there early to avoid the lines.
  21. Shop for new shoes from Sole City Shoes’ massive collection, or one of Camrose’s other great retail outlets. No need to travel all the way to Edmonton.
  22. Attend the Augustana Talent Show. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite act.
  23. Try ice cream at Camrose’s iconic OleO’s Ice Cream Castle near Mirror Lake.
  24. Go to the Norsemen Inn/Gravity Lounge/Taproom and try one of their Camrose-made craft beers.
  25. Attend a show at the Lougheed Centre at the discounted student price. You don’t even have to leave campus, although changing out of your pyjamas is recommended.
  26. Visit the Downtown Camrose Market on a Thursday from 5 – 8 p.m.
  27. Vote in the ASA’s student council election. This entitles you to have an uninformed opinion and complain about everything your student representatives do for the rest of the year.
  28. Make use of the student pizza discount at Domino’s and Papa John’s. Camrose has the best Papa John’s student discount in the country.
  29. Enroll in a six-week physical activity (AUPAC) class, such as dance, tennis, rock climbing, or luge. Yes, that’s right, you can take luge for credit here.
  30. Book an evening ghost tour with Ghost Touring Camrose.
  31. Look through old Camrose Lutheran College yearbooks in the reference section of the library. Maybe you can find old photos of your parents and grandparents—if not, just laugh at the dorky outfits.
  32. Find treasure from another’s trash at the SCORE! event that takes place in the fall.
  33. Walk up to someone random in the forum and whisper, “I’m the Augustana Advantage.” Then run away—quickly.
  34. Learn which countries all of the flags in the Faith and Life Lounge are from. Hint: Africa and Asia are continents, not countries.
  35. Cheer on the Vikings at an athletic event—preferably more than one. Bonus points if you dress up as a viking.
  36. Enjoy the 21st Camrose Art Walk taking place from September to December at multiple venues around Camrose. You’ll find great work by local artists.
  37. Buy an Augustana onesie from the bookstore. Wear your Augustana onesie to class.
  38. Try the Camrose Fitness Centre’s Boot Camp early morning fitness class.
  39. Drive five minutes out of town and stargaze. If you’re lucky, you may even catch the northern lights.
  40. Strike up a philosophical conversation with one of Augustana’s librarians.
  41. Try authentic Scandinavian food at Lefse House.
  42. Attend the 2017 CCAA Curling National Championships taking place March 22 – 25 and cheer on the Vikings.
  43. Book a group room to study with your friends. Hint: you don’t actually have to study—although it is recommended.
  44. Take out a “human book” at the Augustana Human Library event. This unique event never disappoints.
  45. Take part in the Augustana Triathlon Club’s Fall Triathlon. Or volunteer as a timekeeper.
  46. Drop in at the Augustana Climbing Wall and learn to climb.
  47. Take part in Campus Rec nights and try a new sport with your friends.
  48. Enjoy a London Fog at Fiona’s Cafe—it’s also a great place to study.
  49. Enjoy Wing Wednesday at the Canadian Brewhouse, Geo’s Sports Lounge, Boston Pizza, Stockmen’s Chophouse, and Camrose Resort Casino—all in the same night.
  50. Attend one of the regular Live Music and Tapa events at the Hart House.
  51. Try local pizza from Camrose Pizza Unlimited.
  52. Sing your heart out at the Tap Room on a Karaoke Thursday.
  53. See a show by local theatre group About Time Productions.
  54. Take an adult dance class at the Camrose Academy of Dance.
  55. Sign up for one of the many yoga classes offered at Sacred Arts. Students get a discounted rate.
  56. Visit the Camrose Heritage Railway Museum and Park, and learn about the history of Camrose and trains.
  57. Get lost in corn and hit a hole-in-one at Jojo’s Maze Craze and 18-hole Mini Golf. You can’t say you’ve experienced rural Alberta until you’ve been lost in a corn maze.
  58. Attend the Sustainability Week events taking place at Augustana in October.
  59. Enjoy the walking trails around Mirror Lake.
  60. Run away from the vicious swans that live around Mirror Lake.
  61. Take a photo of yourself on the steps of Founder’s Hall.
  62. Have an uncomfortably close encounter with one of Camrose’s many deer.
  63. Attend at least one Augustana music recital. You never know which student will go on to be the next Diana Krall or Marc-André Hamelin.
  64. Circle for several hours until someone leaves the front row of the on-campus student parking lot and steal the spot for your own.
  65. Donate blood at the Camrose Blood Donor Clinic at the Norsemen Inn or Chester Ronning School. Exercise your newfound independence with some civic responsibility.
  66. Go and see an Augustana drama production or final project.
  67. Get involved with the Unitea program and have meaningful conversations with peers who are trained to listen over a cup of tea.
  68. Introduce yourself to Dean Allen Berger. Tip: He can often be found in the Forum.
  69. Meet some of Augustana’s alumni at the Alumni Weekend.
  70. Download the Vikings Village app and get points for going to Augustana events.
  71. Dress up in your finest attire for the ASA’s winter formal. This does not mean jeans instead of sweatpants.
  72. Attend the Nordlys Film and Arts Festival at the Bailey in February, and view screenings of unique award-winning films. Last year’s festival also featured a performance by the popular folk group Good for Grapes.
  73. Volunteer at a Camrose non-profit such as Camrose Meals on Wheels or at the Martha’s table soup kitchen.
  74. Host a prospective student during Welcome Weekend. Convince them to enroll at Augustana with your charm and wit.
  75. Visit the Learning, Advising and Beyond office and find out about interesting learning opportunities or education abroad.
  76. Take part in a Community Service Learning project through Augustana’s unique CSL courses.
  77. Join an Augustana Choir either for credit, or just for fun. The men’s and women’s choirs have no auditions.
  78. Learn how to play a new instrument in a non-credit music lesson through the Augustana Conservatory of Music.
  79. Watch Disney movies in the basement of first year residence. So far, nobody has been cited for singing Let It Go too loudly.
  80. Drive out to the nearby Miquelon Lake Provincial Park to hike or enjoy the outdoors.
  81. Get in the mood for the holidays by seeing the Nutcracker performed by Ballet Victoria this December at the Lougheed Centre.
  82. Enjoy a hot drink while listening to students perform at a coffee house event put on by Augustana Chaplaincy in the Faith and Life Lounge.
  83. Play Cards Against Humanity with one of your profs.
  84. Present research or attend one of Augustana’s semesterly Student Academic Conferences.
  85. Knock over the giant Jenga in the library during Unwind Your Mind. Everyone studying is certain to appreciate the distraction.
  86. Endlessly walk around Camrose until you’ve hit up all of the Pokemon GO stops.
  87. Enjoy a free Booster Juice smoothie in the Forum during Wellness Week. You can thank the ASA for this one.
  88. Book a meeting with your academic advisor and change your major. Unless you already like your major; in that case, ignore this and move on to 89.
  89. Make use of the silent study rooms during midterms and finals.
  90. Make use of the reciprocity shelf in the Forum. You never know what you’ll find.
  91. Take full advantage of the unlimited chocolate milk in the cafeteria and drink 10 full glasses in one sitting.
  92. Take part in the Science Club’s Annual Humans vs. Zombies campus-wide event. Step two: win the event.
  93. Enjoy some delicious soup at one of the Augustana Chaplaincy’s weekly Soup Suppers, held in the Faith and Life Lounge every Tuesday at 5 p.m.
  94. Go swimming with the Augustana Flounders Club.
  95. Submit an article or writing piece to an on-campus publication. Even better if it’s this publication.
  96. Participate in the events and activities during Augustana’s International Week. You might even learn something.
  97. Attend at least one floor meeting—if you don’t live in residence, go with a friend that does.
  98. See recent Augustana alumni and musician Ryan Lindsay perform live.
  99. Take a long contemplative walk in the creek valley and uncover the meaning of life.
  100. Celebrate the end of the year at the ASA’s Last Class Bash. This is the best way to forget everything you’ve learned just before exams.

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