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And we’re off!

And we’re off!

The Augustana Medium hits newsstands next week

The first issue of the Augustana Medium hits newsstands across campus and around Camrose next Wednesday, Aug. 31. The new, 24-page magazine will deliver Augustana and Camrose news coverage every two weeks, along with regular online content published in between.

It was only four months ago that the Medium was just a nameless idea that existed in conversations between just over a dozen students. All we knew was that we wanted to create a new publication and we wanted it to be a good one. From that point on, we started meeting every week and hammering out the details. We debated publishing online-only, but ultimately decided producing a print edition was important, even if it would be challenging.

Building a brand new publication gave us the opportunity to think critically about the challenges facing journalism today, and explore alternative business models. We decided to go with a magazine format for a higher quality feel . The magazine will be full-colour on gloss stock to better showcase the photography and artwork that will appear in each issue.

The group continued to meet every week throughout the summer to discuss finances, content, administration, advertising, design, social media, and training plans. In order to get everything ready on time for our August launch date, things had to move quickly. Oftentimes, we found ourselves working late hours in addition to our day jobs, and dedicating our weekends to the project.

Newsstands are ready to go up, stickers are on order, and articles are being written and edited. We’re very excited for what the year will bring.

We started reaching out and meeting with industry professionals to get their advice. We’ve since consulted with journalists from CBC, Buzzfeed Canada, Postmedia and others to learn to best practices for our publication. Consulting with industry experts has been invaluable and several have agreed to teach our staff as part of the training we have planned this September.

By early August, things were starting to come together. We had magazines spread all across the the tables of our de facto office—i.e. editor’s living room—as we picked out elements from our favorite magazines. The result is something of a hybrid that mixes design and structural elements inspired by The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Maclean’s, among others.

Of course, as a student-run and privately funded venture, we needed to find sponsors to make everything possible—printing isn’t cheap, after all. By mid-August, and after a few more coffee-fueled evenings, we finished building our advertising information kit and began talking to local businesses. We can’t thank the Camrose community enough for how supportive they’ve been of our endeavour.

Now, as we’re writing this, newsstands are ready to go up, stickers are on order, and articles are being written and edited. We’re very excited for what the year will bring and to publish our first few articles online as we lead up to the arrival of our first magazine on Aug. 31—a day before classes begin.

The goal of the Medium is to provide excellent reporting for the Augustana and Camrose community. Our publication strives to create content that is engaging, sparks conversation, address the important issues of the day, and celebrates Augustana and the accomplishments of its students, faculty and community.

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